Automatic Drawings

Automatic drawing to the reader is probably associated with the 20th century surrealists; notably Andre Masson, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Jean Arp, and their spiritual leader Andre Breton. All used the technique to mine the rich underworld of the human psychic.In automatic drawing the hand is allowed to move randomly across the paper, applying chance and accident to mark-making free of rational control. Traces of representational forms appear, allowing the conscious mind to take over the process; producing illusions that author an ‘inner landscape’ of the artist.

Untitled Peter Krusko Automatic Drawing

Untitled (Automatic Drawing)
completed 2000-01
8″ x 10″, Graphite drawing on Bienfang paper

Automatic Drawings

Dance of the Homunculi (2021/01)
19″ x 25″, Winter Series-Studio Work, Arches MBM White Drawing Paper

Untitled (Automatic Drawing) 2014/01
24″ x 18″, Graphite drawing on Strathmore Bristol smooth paper

Untitled (Automatic Drawing) 2014/03
24″ x 18″, Graphite drawing on Bienfang 80b paper

Untitled (2003/01)
16″ x 12″, Graphite drawing on Bienfang 80b paper

Untitled (2005/04)
17″ x 14″, Graphite drawing on Bienfang 80b paper

The Angel and Jacob 2017/02
19″ x 25″, Graphite drawing on Arhes MBM Michallet white 85g drawing paper

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